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The pirogue Va'a Tai'e was built in 1990 by Laurent in Taha'a's island who later gave it to the sailing school of the island. She was abandoned for some time and was taken over and renovated by Eric who brought her back to Moorea in 2005 to start an activity of lagoon tourist outings.

With its two first owners, the va'a motu pirogue took part in several competitions including those of the TPR and withdrew several prizes. In 2012, Guillaume resumed the pirogue and her activity until September 2016.

A few months later, Hervé Bourmaud became its owner and resumed the activity by rehabilitating the pirogue to its original essence : sailing.

With the desire to discover and share the Polynesian culture, Hervé takes his passengers to meet the magnificent panoramas of Moorea, pushed by the light breeze of the turquoise lagoons.

This traditional va'a motu pirogue measures 8 m long and 4 wide with an outboard motor of 15 hp. Its double-armed hull and its trampoline allows it to comfortably accommodate up to 5 people.


The pirogue, the little sister of the greats va'a who allowed the settlement of the Pacific islands, is one of the few still operating in Polynesia.


In addition to discovering the lagoons and magnificent landscapes of Moorea, this va'a also aims to make the life and history of va'a in the Pacific last.


Sea lover and passionate sailor, Hervé Bourmaud has a very varied sailor's career as ship captain and sailor-fisherman.


Born in 1971 at the island of Yeu in France, he made his courses of sport-studies regatta, became sailing instructor, fishing captain on all the world's seas, then captain of differents owners' ships such as the sailboat Scientific Tara during 8 years in Artic and Antartic seas.


All these experiences have led Hervé to travel the globe several times and gave him an open mind and desire to share his experience and his joy of living the sea in Polynesia !


Polynesian Spirit
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